Resources and Materials for
Vulnerable Bodega Owners due to
COVID-19 Crisis

We are here to help small business owners to operate in the best safe way possible during this crisis.

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*** Attention Bodegas Owners we are giving away protective masks. Give us a call to schedule delivery.***

Each bodega owner will receive 50 to 100 masks at any of these four points of distribution throughout the City for more information click here or give us a call for delivery.

The impact of COVID-19 to small business owners

Due to the current developing situation with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) we are guiding business owners to confront the current crisis that has paralyze almost all the States affecting productivity in all sectors.

We are here to provide support to businesses that are having strong hardship. If you are a business owner and need help and guidance on how to successfully continue operating your business please email us at and we will assist you the best way we can.

About us

The Bodega and Small Business Group is a Hispanic entrepeneus that represents the interest of independent Bodegas and Small Business owners in New York.

Our store owners had the courage of opening Bodegas in areas abandoned, low income communities, as they were economically depressed and mostly minority neighborhoods.

Our Bodegueros play an essential role in food dessert in our city but most important are part of the daily life of the community that they served.

Our current and past activities helping Local Stores

Bodegas are a lifeline in NYC … and many are in trouble

When Francisco Marte was a teenager, a friend of his family offered him a job at a bodega in the Bronx saying, “You can have it — if you can survive it.” 

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Francisco Marte Fights to Keep Store Owners and Residents Safe

“We want people to know they are not alone,” Marte said, speaking on behalf of his association. “We are trying to help each other. We care for them and we want to do the most for them.”

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Bodega Distributes 40,000 Protective Masks

Bodegas will have access to forty thousand protective masks distributed by Bodega and Small Business Group

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Pequeños negocios se mantienen vivos

Las pequeñas bodegas de Nueva York han podido sobrevivir en medio de la pandemia gracias al app My Bodega Online 

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Mybodega App

A new delivery app recently launched to help cut down on human contact at a time when customers need groceries and bodegas need business.

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Why Hispanic business owners are urging you to BUY-cott Goya products

It all began after Bob Unanue, Goya’s CEO, committed the grave sin this month of praising President Trump.

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Plastic Bags

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Bodega owners to fight imminent state plastic ban

New York City bodega and deli owners are gearing up to challenge the state’s plastic bag ban on March 1.

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Meeting with Elected officials

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News on Bodegas

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